• Win An Element Backpack

    Enter to win the Explorer backpack from the Element Camp Collection! Designed to traverse in the hoods and the woods, with all the storage space and components you need for wherever your trail takes you. >>> Enter to Win

  • Nyjah SLS Boards & Street League

    The complete collection of Nyjah's boards >>> Shop Now

  • Nyjah Houston Round Rail

    Six feet long with three adjustable height settings, the Nyjah Round Rail is a great tool for practicing and learning new tricks. Bring it anywhere and assemble in minutes for hours of grinds and slides. >>> Shop Now

  • Introducing French Fred

    French Fred has created a comprehensive body of work that has inspired legions of skateboarders throughout the years and we are stoked to announce him as the newest Element Advocate >>> Read More

  • Sascha Daley - Welcome to the Family

    Element Canada welcomes Sascha Daley to the family! Watch his welcome part from Thrasher >>> Watch it here

  • Mason Silva - Welcome to the Family

    Mason was first noticed by Element at a MAKE IT COUNT contest in 2010, where he displayed a style, power and pop well beyond his age >>> Watch his Welcome Part



    Camp Collection

    When we decided to re-design our backpack line, we packed up the van, hit the highway, and headed to our favorite ...


    Sascha Daley "Welcome to the Family" Video

    Welcome to Family Sascha Daley - Pick up the latest copy of Thrasher to see his cover photo DAILY UPDATES @ELEMENT...


    French Fred - Element Perspective

    French Fred began filming in his hometown of Lyon, France, moving on to collaborate with some of the most highly re...


    Mason Silva - Welcome to the Family - Element

    Growing up in Manhattan Beach, with a father whose surfed over 1,000 days in a row, young Mason was destined to be in...



    Growing up in Manhattan Beach, with a father whose surfed over 1,000 days in a row, young Mason was destined to be ...


    Element Presents The Northern Wheels Tour

    The passionate cyclist Chad Eaton took the challenge and rode the tour from Paris to Belgium through the famous bicyc...


    Brandon Westgate - Welcome to the Family

    The reigning title-holder for the term East Coast Powerhouse, is without a doubt Brandon Westgate; he’s truly in a ...


    Jake Darwen - Element Perspective

    Element is proud to introduce the latest installment of our Perspective tee shirts featuring Element Advocate Jake Da...


    New Year, New Ams

    2014 was one hell of a year for us: Madars Apse turned pro, Greyson Fletcher conquered massive transitions far and wi...


    Madars Apse - Welcome to the Pro Team - 11/14/14

    November 2014 Madars Apse, welcome to the pro team! It's impossible not to get entranced by this lanky, Latvian....


    Conscious by Nature