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Element Eden was born from the desire to make a difference. Based around the advocate program, our mission is to inspire girls to follow their own path and to find a different perspective from the old standard. Genuine, creative, and passionate, Element Eden lets you express yourself without saying a word. You are what you wear because you wear what you are.

The Element Eden Story

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Johnny and a girl named Kori. They shared everything together and wanted to make a difference around them. Johnny loved skateboarding and in 1992, he started Element Skateboards, a skate and apparel brand that he envisioned would further the world of skateboarding by making a positive difference. Kori was so inspired by what Johnny did, and she too wanted to merge her eagerness to create something with purpose, with her background in fashion and design. Thus, in 1999, Element Eden was born.

Going against the grain, Element had begun sponsoring girl skateboarders in the late 90's, but Kori wanted to create something more feminine. So, with the help of an amazing team around the world, and focusing on fits, quality and style that embody the Conscious by Nature spirit of Element, Eden grew into a complete women's collection with an urban bohemian flair.

As represented by our global Eden Advocates, Eden is created for the unique, adventurous and inspired girl who:

Lives and expresses her cultural influences in her style

Learns to embrace a lifestyle of curiosity and adventure

Grows yet always remains true to herself

Based in Southern California with global offices in France, Brazil, Japan and Australia, Element Eden is now one of the world's leading women's lifestyle brands in the industry. Eden continues to strive to unite creative and strong young women, to form a family that reaches its arms all over the world, and to inspire everyone in their path and make a difference.