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Advocate Brooke Kelley shares some of artistic inspiration with us this morning: 

I am not one for routines, but I do look forward to my morning habits that have formed over time. One morning while I was drinking my cup of coffee I was distracted by one of my succulents that was glowing due to the morning light hitting it oh so perfectly. Part of my morning routine consists of sitting in the peace and quite and refocusing my mind for the day that is ahead. During this thinking time I couldn’t take my eyes off of this beautiful piece of nature. The closer and closer I looked the more colors I noticed that were blended within. I felt inspired to take on the challenge of trying to capture this beauty. 

This project was pushed to the side time and time again and I was recently able to finish it. As I was putting the final touches on the succulents I started to make some connections. From the time this succulent started to grow on my paper, I too, as an artist began to grow as well. Within this succulent are so many colors and shapes that make it so unique and special. Within each and every one of us are details that make us, us. No one can tell you if it’s right or wrong, it is those details about you that make you, you. Unique, set apart, and different from all of the rest of the succulents. It has been so heartwarming to look back and see each leaf that has grown and that has been added to my life since I became an artist. With each new season I am continuing to live, learn and grow.