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Artist Brooke Reidt's Tools of the Trade!

Artist and Element Advocate, Brooke Reidt finds much of her inspiration trekking through city streets, adventuring desert lands, and taking salty ocean escapes. With the days getting longer and summer sun shining bright, we asked Brooke what her unique "tools of the trade" are when traveling the open road!
We weren't surprised to find the essentials of Sakura Micron pens, well-used paint brushes, and pints of Nova Color paint, but along with those came other items of past travels, all with their own stories to tell.  An elephant printed sarong bought for $5 on a sacred beach in Bali, a Yashica T3 camera to capture moments on film, all natural skin essentials of amber resin, tea tree oil and vitamin e, an antique silver bangle and turquoise heart, avocados for clean omega 3 nutrition (she eats one daily), a Moleskin journal to take down stories and inspiration, the book Ramble Right by Amber Gayle and Transient Ways by Jessica Hahn, and of course, several trusty pairs of the Eden denim cut-offs she plans to live in this summer!
Check out Brooke's work here.