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Two women we are ever inspired by, Loretta Lizzzio and Johnie Gall (aka Dirtbag Darling), recently had a little sit-down Q&A to share passions, dreams, successes and aspirations… Read on!!

In a word, Loretta Lizzio’s artwork is intricate. A wispy ghost of a ship sailing on obsessively detailed waves. A beautiful woman riding a spotted horse, their hair blending together in the wind. Lizzio’s work is at once natural and ethereal, surreal and familiar. Above all, it’s really, really gorgeous, which is probably why the Australian brunette was picked up by Element Eden for their Winter 2013 campaign and asked to join their team of Advocates. We caught up with the artist to talk about her relationship with her work, telling stories through art and the one person she’s dying to create something for.

 Did you study art formally?

I did, I began a Fine Arts Degree straight out of school. I dropped out after 18 months however. I felt frustrated, I was fresh from the farm, first time out of home and I had no life experience to bring to the table. I was immature! I have recently graduated with my Diploma in Graphic Design though, and I’d love to go back and study Fine Art now I am so much more settled and focused.

How did you join the Element Eden family and what’s your favorite part about being among other inspiring women?

I was asked to come on board permanently after I was asked to take part in their Winter 2013 Campaign. There were four of us who travelled to the Snowy Mountains and stayed in a beautiful old house on a property to shoot the range. They support my work so much, plus I absolutely love their style, what they do and what they stand for—empowering women to be happy within themselves and live their dreams.

Your images are so full of life—do you have stories for each one that you “read” as you paint?

I do! Every piece seems to reflect what I’m going through at that point in my life. They are all experiments leading to a bigger picture I hope! I read once that the post-impressionist Pierre Bonnard once said that “artists should have two lives, one to learn how to paint and the other to actually paint.” I feel like I have a lifetime of learning before me! I am yet to complete a piece that is a stand-out to me.

Does inspiration usually just strike you or do you actively seek it?

I think both. I have moments of complete clarity and a vision I am so sure of, other times I feel flat, so I will make things happen to get the ball rolling. I will create an experience or change to help kick start my heart and mind.

Who are some people you’ve studied or worked with that you found influential?

One of my biggest influences would have to be my good friend Claudio Kirac, a designer/artist/photographer based on the Gold Coast. When I was treating art as a hobby and was wandering aimlessly, he showed me the light and stuck by me. He taught me the ropes, pulls me up when I’m out of line and gives me the hard word when I need it. Another would be my old boss and great friend Troy Archer. He is an amazing artist also based on the Gold Coast. I look up to him immensely for advice and work ethic.

I know you like the outdoors—what kinds of activities do you do when you’re exploring the wild? Do these adventures ever make their way into your art?

I love exploring and adventures! I really enjoy camping, water skiing, dirt bike riding and just being outdoors in general, surrounded by wildlife.

What would be your ultimate “creative” escape or adventure?

I have only traveled a little, and I am yet to travel around Europe. I would enjoy doing that whilst in good company, with great coffee, good food, new sites and gallery hopping. I would be in heaven!

Current guilty pleasure?

My boyfriend’s mum’s home made ice cream! Or cheese boards. I love a good cheese board!

If you could paint something for anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you paint them?

I would paint my grandfather’s portrait. He has never understood my love for art or my life. He is a little old-fashioned. But he supports me nonetheless and I know it would just blow him away. He would be so happy!

What’s something we’d be surprised to find out about you?

Maybe that I’m a bit of a grandma. For some reason, everyone assumes I am a little wild. But I don’t really drink, and nothing makes me happier then a night in, or a tea party, or bingo with my Nana.

Do you sell your art anywhere? 

I do! Via my blog I don’t have a store or anything like that. People just generally inquire about pieces they like and want. Other then that, I take part in lots of group shows around the place and have a solo show coming up next year!

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