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Behind-The-Scenes at a Shoot by Guest Bloggers Calypso Letters

This past weekend we were both involved in lookbook photoshoot in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.  The breakdown of a day on one of our sets goes a little something like this:

-Wake up at 6am to iron and steam samples, arrange outfits and check the weather.

-Eat breakfast, then lug about 10 bags of samples, make-up, camera equipment and food out to our car.  Stop for lots of coffee and Cinnabons en route to the shoot.

-Drive an hour over to the beach in New Jersey, where we meet up with our model Giovanna, who's already awake and prepared for the shoot.

-One hour is devoted to hair and outfit changing.  Luckily, this shoot involved no makeup, a huge timesaver!

-Drive to the beach and lug all of those bags out into the sand.  On this particular day, it was rainy and chilly, so we brought blankets and sweaters for Giovanna to wrap herself in while we set shots up– still didn't save her from our requests:  "Can you stand in the water?  Ok, actually, can you sit in the water?"

-Spend two-three hours shooting our model in five different looks.  This involved dragging heavy driftwood across the sand and battling the wind.  All in all, the actual shoot was finished in record time!

Despite routine set-backs, a lens that wouldn't function and conditions that were less than desirable, the shoot went over really well and we were extremely happy with the end product!  Our model made it especially easy– she even came up with some of the shot set-ups and did everything we asked of her with a huge smile on her face (being drop-dead gorgeous helped us out too!).

XO- Esther and Johnie

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