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Couch Surfing to Wake Surfing by Guest Blogger Brooke Kelley

My first night back at home, I sat there on the end of my bed pondering. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a whole bed/bathroom/room to myself…to call my own.
You see I had mastered the sport of couch surfing and wasn’t so sure about this whole sleeping by myself, let alone, a whole room to myself thing. Honestly, I don’t like it… nope, not one bit! I came to the conclusion that some people are just natural born couch surfers. It’s a lifestyle few can handle. If you too find yourself traveling on the road, jumping from one place to the next and are in need of a place to crash, here are some helpful tips that might help:

Tips on how to couch surf:

1. Try and pick families to stay with rather than kids your own age…the families usually have moms (which also means a stocked fridge) that love to take care of a grateful youngin'.

2. If you are not a heavy sleeper… pretend that you are. By being or taking on the roll of a heavy sleeper, the household you are staying in will never be worried or nervous that they will wake you. Therefore you are not a hinder to their everyday routine.

3. Don’t even think about munchin' on their grubby grub! Even if they offer, they are doing it to be polite. After becoming tight with the host home, you will know when the time shall come when to take the next step... Which is mooching their food.

4. No over lingering. You don’t want to come off as hobo mooch that has nothing better to do than to sleep in, watch the food network and eat all of their honey bunches of oats. Get outta there early, as if you have somewhere important to go and let them miss you and want you to come back.

5. Use your noodle and think outside the box. Leave them a little love note saying how much you appreciate their humble abode and how much greater the couch is then your car.

These are just a few great tips that will get you far. Literally. You can travel anywhere with skills like these.

I would like to also take this time to thank all of the families and friends that have offered up there cozy comfy (some not so cozy…and sort of smelly…) couches to me. I will be settling my couch surfing cravings with wake-surfing here on the lake until I return to you.
With much love and appreciation