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The second stop on our Creative’s Club journey brings us to Juliette Murray, a photographer and all around gorgeous girl.  We sat down with her today to talk photography, creative inspiration and the future dreams of this talented 17 year old.  

As the blurb on her photography blog puts so eloquently, “I don’t want to capture moments, I want to take unnoticed moments and turn them into something beautiful”.  Juliette’s work is beautiful and natural, and does just that:  moments aren’t overly staged but seem almost candid in the way they are captured.  Working at QT Fashion Week on the Gold Coast, Juliette tells us how her favorite moments were not the runway shots she took, but all the behind the scenes photographs of the models in their more unnoticed moments. 

But photography isn’t the only pursuit this gifted 17 year old has her sights set on.  Juliette is currently studying Law at the University of Queensland and admits that she would love to pursue both photography and law professionally. 

Like most of the world at the moment (Element Eden included!), Juliette has been obsessed with Instagram and how easily it connects creative people; especially how much of a useful tool it has been for finding interesting and beautiful new muses and models to shoot with. 

Upon sitting down and chatting with this vibrant young girl, we listened to Juliette talk about different weddings she has shot, the talented artists who inspire her, the brilliant work ethic she has and how her opinion of digital photography has changed since first picking up a camera. It was easy to forget that she is only 17! That is until Juliette lets us in on what she is most looking forward to currently: getting her P’s so she can start driving.   

Element Eden was truly surprised at what we found when we met Juliette, we expect great things to come from this beautiful young talent. 

Getting to know Juliette just a little bit more…..

1) Who are some of your favorite artists?
“Kevin Russ, Allen Feaver, Nirrimi, Tamara Lichenstein, Emmaunel Rosario so many film photographers!” 

2)Where do you gather inspiration for your art from?
“The places I visit and locations I find.  Also, the work of other photographers pushes me to create better work. And light, I only shoot in the morning or afternoon never in the middle of the day.”

3) Favorite song at the moment?
“The Love Club, by Lorde” 

4) How did you get into photography? 
“I was given a film camera by a friend.  After developing so much film I used my whole pay up so I transitioned to digital and started doing portraits and fashion."

5) What’s your guilty pleasure?
“70% dark chocolate and coffee”. 

6) (Finish this sentence) I couldn’t live without…..?

“A camera, my cat and my boyfriend is also pretty amazing”

7) Favorite weekend activity?
“Early morning shoot followed by a swim at the beach and a coffee”

8) Who are your style icons?
“Not an icon specifically, I like to gather style inspiration from cool people on the street and brand lookbooks”.

9) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
“EVERYWHERE! Africa, the UK, Europe, USA, Mexica, throughout Asia and South America is on my list too!” 

10) Future life goals?
“Travel as much as I can and take as many photos as I can while I’m doing so”.


We also asked Juliette to pick out her favourite looks from our Summer Collection, with Juliette quoting she cant wait until the weather gets warmer so she can wear some cute Element Eden shorts whilst shooting!!

Check out Juliette’s work on her website

One of the first 35mm film photographs Juliette took.

Juliette always take photos of her little sister Annabel, who is 14.

Juliette's best friend Madeline, and the first digital photo-shoot she did.

Jess from Viviens, shot around the corner from Juliette's house.

Juliette is in love with light, especially the way it falls on water.

Juliette's most recent shoot, with a beautiful soul called Mimi.