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DIY: Neon Polka Dot Denim by Calypso Letters Guest Bloggers

We love denim. It’s our go-to fabric for just about everything because it’s comfortable, iconic and can handle a little dirt. It’s pretty historic, too—did you know Levi Strauss got his start designing sturdy pants for the gold rush miners back in the 1870s? Yep…denim pants have been coming in handy for years.

Still, every original needs an update now and again, which is why we got messy with a pair of Element Eden skinny jeans and some neon paint. Here’s how to create our fading polka dot pants:


-White and neon green fabric pant

-Pencil with an eraser

-Painter’s palette

-Pair of jeans


Step 1

Mix two parts green paint with one part white paint in your palette. Dip the eraser end of your pencil into the paint, dabbing excess paint off on newspaper. Start stamping the hem of your jeans in an even, tightly spaced line.

Step 2

Add about five more lines of tightly spaced polka dots, heading up towards the waist. Gradually start spacing out your dots so they are fewer and farther apart. By the time you get to the waist there should only be about two dots!

That’s it! If you don’t like the messy look of ours (what can we say—we’re creative types), just follow the same uniform dot pattern you started with.

Try it with Element’s skinny stretch Ballet denim- AVAILABLE HERE

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