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Earthy swagger flamboyant funk...

Best said in describing the tunes of He's My Brother She's My Sister... "earthy swagger flamboyant funk!"

With rhythmic soul through bass slapping, tambourine percussion and wood box tap dancing, this crew of six brings a unique eclectic style to folksy blues tunes that puts on a show you can't refuse to shake and shimmy to!

Think of playing dress up in your grandma's closet with a full orchestra band that's playing funk to a record player and suddenly you're a professional tambourine player with tap skills... it's kind of like that.

Join us and He's My Brother She's My Sister every Wednesday in August at MESA... 10:30pm.  See you there baby!!

crew of six lovely folks, of which many have a background in entertainment,  We've been getting to know the siz lovely folks behind He's My Brother Sh'es my Sister