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Eat Beautifully

Let me lay it out there: There’s no secret to beautiful skin and hair, no special tonic for more energy. Nope, the only way to make sure you’re at your best is to exercise daily, get outside, soak up the sunshine (but not too much), and eat right.


But I don’t think eating right is enough—you have to eat beautifully. I had the chance to visit a farm down the street from my house last week and spend the day working there. I pulled kale up from the ground, washed it and ate it with a handful of tomatoes still fresh from the vine. The colors, the texture, the way the water was still dripping from the leaves—it was such a visceral experience. And it made me realize that getting produce from the store and growing it yourself are two very, very different experiences.


But we can’t all tend to gardens year round (I know I can’t!), so I’m making a deal with myself to “eat beautifully” more often by shopping locally, picking the freshest, most colorful foods I can find, and cooking big, gorgeous meals whenever possible. I’m leaving my cell phone in the other room and turning off the TV when I eat, focusing on the taste of my food, the way it was cooked. Because eating should be an experience…I think it’ll make us appreciate our food so much that when we’re faced with salty potato chips or fast food burgers, they’ll look too ugly to eat.