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Eden Advocate Loretta Lizzio

Raised and currently residing in Australia, Loretta Lizzio is an illustrator, designer and photographer, who creates whimsically beautiful artwork! She is an accomplished solo art exhibitionist and even found time to star in a music video for Surecut Kids. Loretta earned a degree in graphic design and has a background in fine arts which she hopes to further pursue. Loretta’s work portrays her imagination in a surreal and delicate manner. What is most captivating about Loretta’s art is that each piece tells a story about what is going on in her life at that moment. Other than following her artistic dreams, Loretta enjoys drinking tea, exploring in the wilderness and water skiing.

What artists influence you?

I generally find what finds me at the right time to be inspiring. New people, new experiences, new places. Long time favourites would have to be Audrey Kawasaki, Del Kathryn Barton and Amy Sol.

How would you describe your personal artistic style?

My work is usually very detailed and whimsical. It very much reflects my subconscious. There is always a sense of adventure or escape, and is sometimes a little naughty. I often stick to a particular subject and story line before I am ready to move on.

Who is your style icon?

Hmmm, I would have to say Alexa Chung. I am always drawn to what she wears, everything from her hair to her shoes works for me!

What do you do in your down time?

I love to explore the outdoors! Otherwise a good movie, a cup of tea, good food and good company.

How do your surroundings affect your work?

My surroundings massively effect my work. I try to surround myself with positive, fun, down to earth, hard working people and I usually bloom under these circumstances. I think everyone does!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Tea and scones, with lots of jam and cream...and a friend to enjoy it with.

What is your daily routine like?

Wake up, eat cereal, run, coffee with a friend, studio, music, drawing, painting, snacking, internet break, friends, dinner, more art, more tea, book, bed.

If you could travel anywhere…?

I am yet to visit New York, and am dying to get to Italy! I still have family there.

What is your inner geek into?

Action and thriller movies!!

I couldn’t live without…

My family, laptop, art supplies.