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Element advocate Mataji Booker - Let's take this music on the road

“It’s always been my passion to perform on stage and to connect with people through the healing power of performing arts.” -Mataji Booker


Our amazing and one of our first Element Eden advocates Mataji Booker is taking her music on the road for her 2014 West Coast Summer Tour.

Like any other outlet of the arts, this amazing project cannot live without support. Please reinforce your support and provide life for this outstanding West Coast Summer Tour.


Mataji has a beautiful sound that get’s your body moving and all the while slows you down to enjoy this life we’re living! So please take 5 minutes to learn more about Mataji and her amazing project! She's almost half way there with a week left between her and her dreams to take her music on the road.


Learn more about her 2014 West Coast Summer Tour, HERE!!!

Learn more abour Mataji Booker HERE!!!


Visit her website HERE!!!