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Element Eden´s Magical night, surrounded by white tigers, exotic birds and guest blogger and Eden EU advocate, Crista Leonard

This trip has been so fun! getting to see the Element headquarters in Irvine, meeting fellow advocates Juliana Neufeld, Brooke Reidt, Amber B Dianda, Amy Purdy and Kendra J Morris, meeting all the wonderful people who make Eden such a special, human brand, Watching the Eden video for the first time, getting lost up a dirt track with Heather (!), eating burgers with the design crew, chasing zebras, the list goes on...

Alex Swanson worked so hard for this event, she made it absolutely perfect.

Brooke Reidt is one of the most talented artists I´ve ever met, it was a pleasure to meet you!

These two are so amazing, there´s not much more to say!! Kirk and Amber B Dianda

This lady is super talented, Wendy Choi

Stone darling, check them out:

The beautiful models

Thank-you!! xxx Crista