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Element Grand Opening of Rhodes Skatepark & 304 Americana - Nyjah, Greyson, Westgate

The grand opening of Rhodes Skatepark and Element 304 Americana in Boise, ID will go down as one of the best Element events in history! The mayor welcomed the Element team to the course including Nyjah, Westgate, Greyson Fletcher, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Chad Tim Tim and many more. The team destroyed the park alongside special guests from the Blood Wizard team while Mike Kershnar was on hand creating a collaborative mural. The day closed off with Founder Johnny Schillereff and his wife Kori opening the doors to Element 304 Americana, hosting an autograph signing and preview what will evolve into an ongoing hub for the community.

This video was provided in collaboration with JUMP and Idaho Media Professionals. Thanks to everyone that came out and took part, and those that made the event happen including Boise Skateboard Association, City of Boise Parks & Rec, Albertsons Family Foundation, Prestige, Boardroom, JUMP and Rescue Mission Boise.

Full list of riders featured includes Nyjah Huston, Greyson Fletcher, Chad Tim Tim, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Mason Silva, Dominick Walker, Tom Schaar, Chris Colbourn, Mark Appleyard, Alex Lawton, Tyson Peterson, Eli Williams and from Blood Wizard Chris Gregson, Jerry Gurney