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Every year, we travel the globe and throw MAKE IT COUNT am skate contests on just about every continent in search of new talent. In most contests, there's a cash prize or some sort of physical reward, but the prize for the Make It Count series is something more - it's the experience of a lifetime.

Each winner from our Element Make It Count International Contest Series wins a trip to California, to skate with the Element team, visit Element Skate Camp, The Berrics, Nyjah's private park, and ultimately have a shot at Element Sponsorship.

The level of skating that this group of young rippers possesses is unreal and our crew of 25 just about shut down every spot we went to. Although we spent a week on the road together skating and becoming life-long friends, there could only be one winner in the end.

The final contest went down at Nyjah's private skatepark in San Clemente. While everyone ripped, there were three skaters truly impressed Evan Smith, Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, and the judges' panel.

The final results are in!

1st - Maurio McCoy

2nd - Colin Hale

3rd - Thomas Turner