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Everyone Needs a Good Backpack

Whether you’re skating around a city or just carrying your books and laptop around, a good backpack is essential. It can be the difference between having an easy, hands-free trip and juggling a bunch of things because you’ve no place to put them.

As guys, we don’t tend to have many backpacks and so choosing one is important. We’ve put this short guide together about Element Backpacks so you can make a good decision.


Backpacks needs to be rugged and the fabric we've used is 600D Polyester which translated into English means ‘It's pretty tough’.

In addition it’s coated by what’s called TPE which is a high-quality backing that reinforces the polyester and makes it water-resistant, anti-static, resistant to tears and even flame retardant!

Nobody likes a broken zip and we’ve been careful to use only the most robust zips to keep everything in your backpack!


Added padding on the shoulder straps makes wearing the bag comfortable even after extended periods and back padding support helps carry those heavy loads!

There's also a breathabiliity mesh in the back padding which allows air to get in to keep your back cool.


On each backpack we’ve noted the size in litres.

Why is the size of bags measured in litres? Not sure. But the more litres, the more things you can fit in!

To give some context all Element backpacks can fit in a 15” laptop.


Have a laptop that you need to carry around with you? Look out the for the ‘Laptop Sleeve’ icon which tells you there’s a padded pocket to house your laptop or tablet.

The Mohave Backpack is the Element Skate Pack. Great for skate missions, use the skate straps to carry a spare deck to the spot or park.