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We went on a trail ride over the weekend to visit "Palm Canyon" in Palm Springs. It's a sacred place to the native American Indians of the Cahuilla (pronounced Kaw-we-ah) Tribe.

Palm canyon is famous for its native palm trees that only grow where water springs are present. It's a breathtaking contrast, seeing a mirage of trees and lush greens in the middle of a stark, rocky gorge, with barren desert lands beyond. But these canyons would provided water and food for whole communities of Indians, thousands of years ago...

The fruit of the palm was eaten by the Indians, either raw or ground into flour for cakes. The Cahuilla tribes were also skillful weavers, and made the most beautiful baskets from the palms, as well as sandals to protect their feet. Apparently the Cahuilla Indians would never live inside the canyons because they believed they were haunted, so instead made thatched roof homes close to the canyons.

The mountains behind Palm Canyon feature the likeness of an indian man sleeping... It is said that one day he will awake and walk the earth again.

Feeling so inspired by the colors in the desert and learning about local folk law.

ZZzzzzzz the sleeping Indian in the mountain... Can you see him?