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When you get a look in on a person's younger years, it truly opens up a door to their heart.  Hearing tales of their favorite youthful memories, suddenly brings you into an immediate connection with that person's beautiful character and where it has grown from.

We were able to catch up with Advocate Amber B Dianda on her childhood memories, sharing with us the adventures of growing up in Oz.  This woman never ceases to amaze and inspire everyone she touches... while these few shots explain a bit of the history behind her character, we believe it only gives just a glimpse into the massive beautiful heart she holds.

"I grew up on the East Coast of Queensland, Australia. My family had a farm, so I always had lots of animal friends. I have always been inspired by the unspoken understanding between animals and humans, how you can show a baby kangaroo affection and she will love you back. I try to capture that connection in my soft textile creatures I sew."

"Both my grandmothers and my mother would sew, so I was always around crafty woman. My mum was a total 1980's glamour… Everything she did was fashionable, and she would even make my outfits! Check out my brother's and my matching outfits created by my mum in the photo with the sheep in the background."

"Growing up in the country allows you to feel comfortable with spending time by yourself and being inspired by the environment around you. When I look at a landscape, whether it is in the desert, overlooking the ocean, or across a busy city, I see unending possibilities and the capacity for freedom. That is what really draws me to photographing landscapes; it reminds you that everything is connected."