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"Footprints" Inspiration from Tiffany Forester

Ready for a solid dose of inspiration to last you a life time? I’m sure just by listening to Tiffany Forester’s story you will be filled from the inside out, just as it did to me.

Brooke: Tell us a thing or two about your new business called Footprints.

Tiffany: FootPrints is an outdoor fitness & wellness company designed to serve women through uplifting high intensity boot-camp style workouts, nutritional guidance, amidst physical and emotional encouragement.

B: What’s the reason for starting this new business of yours?

T: This vision for FootPrints is to restore a woman's quality of life through her body, her mind, and spirit. I intend to be an instrument in these women's lives, pushing them past their mental blocks of pain and endurance, guiding them towards better eating habits so that they are well nourished and strengthened.

B: What compelled you to start Footprints?

T: FootPrints training completes the story of my negative experiences combined with my lifetime interest in the human body and mental psyche, the medicinal value in exercise and nutrition, and the beautiful healing that comes from being outdoors. The terrible truth is that we manifest what we most fear. And unfortunately our fears are giant illusions. It took me a good amount of false dependencies, depression, and growth, to even begin to really grasp this: my worth is not reflected through other humans. My worth is validated in full by the mere knowledge that I was invented perfectly because I have a footprint that is unlike anyone else's in all of time.

B: You mentioned your currently involved in a top secret project, can you give us some hints as to what that involves?

T: Right now I'm working on this secret project through FootPrints. This beautiful woman is dealing with food addiction and many more obstacles and is hoping to one day lover herself again. At the end of 6 months I will reveal her name and progression so she can be celebrated for her efforts. I am so moved by this woman, her beauty, strength and the footprints she's made this far!

B: Please feed us some of your wisdom on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

T:Practice balance when making healthy choices. Don't punish yourself through self-deprivation, diet and exercise. Love yourself by understanding that merely adding more fruits, veggies, and water to your meals will make you feel like a queen. Try to avoid comparing yourself to other women. Keep a close watch on the words you tell yourself.

B: If you could give some words of inspiration and encouragement to us ladies, what would you say?

T: We are all "flawed". There is no such thing as perfection. If you can learn to view your struggle, situation, or perspective of yourself as a tool to strengthen you, you've won half the battle. Every workout mirrors your life. Sometimes all we need is someone to help us get through it one footprint at a time. Once you get through it, you'll always come out stronger.

And read some Maya Angelou. Now that's an amazing woman.

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” - Maya Angelou

B: How can we reach you if we are wanting to get involved with footprints?

T: Right now I'm most readily available through my email:

FootPrints Facebook page

Instagram: Footprints