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Come one come all!! Tomorrow we will be presenting our 9th Element Eden Guest Blogger!!

With a world full of wonderful and creative ladies working hard to grow in their passions, we over at Element Eden hope to share, and thus grow, their beautiful missions!  We had the great pleasure of hosting Alissa of Your Daily Thread and Porcha of Project Knapsack, as our most recent Guest Bloggers and the guest list only continues to grow and inspire!

With adventurous hearts and a passion to re-invent, re-work, and discover all that embraces the style and soul of action sports culture… These upcoming ladies live and breath a lifestyle that’s about upholding nature, staying rooted with earth and loving the carefree, while inspiring others to do the same!

Get ready to dance around a few fires, as we welcome the ____________________ to be our Guest Bloggers all NEXT WEEK, May 30-June 3!

Stay tuned Monday when we reveal our next Guest Blogger…. We’re about ready to fall off our chairs!