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Interview with Advocate Esra Roise

We interviewd Element Eden Advocate and Artist Esra Roise. Here is what she had to say about her amazing time showing her exhibit at Plataforma gallery by Houssein Jarouch:

    “It was such an amazing experience, really! Houssein Jarouch is one of Brazil's biggest art and design moguls, and the gallery, which opened only last year.

     The venue is so beautiful. It is an old house from 1911 that they have slightly renovated, but all the original parts are still there, like the fading wallpaper and old sinks, which created an awesome atmosphere.

    It was such a great crowd at the opening! The last exhibition they had was Billy Mane (Andy Warhol's silk screener) so it felt like pretty big shoes to fill, but I am so happy with how it came out. I had two fellow Brazilian exhibitors, Mariana Maltoni (photographer) and Marina Dias (silk-screens), which also contributed with beautiful works.

     [It] was super nice to try out the silk-screen workspace they have in the gallery. I am totally mad for silk-screening now!!!”

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