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1) Who are some of your favourite artists?

This question is always so daunting because the list is a long and ever-changing one. Here’s a snapshot: Artists like Christo & Jeanne-Claude inspire me to think big, Audrey Kawasaki's work takes me to a world of whimsy and magic, Ron Mueck reminds me that process and patience is important, Dali reminds me that art is supposed to take you somewhere that real life can't, and Andy Goldsworthy's work reminds me how beautiful and precious our planet is, and that art should be used to remind people of that.

2)Where do you gather inspiration for your art from?

Anywhere and everywhere! I think it's hard not to use experience as the driving force behind art, and that's what makes it such an intimate and personal thing.. I often use my art to bring me closer to things I can't physically have whether that be a landscape that has materialised in my mind, or creatures I would love to befriend, it's the only way for me to completely absorb myself into my self-constructed utopia.

3) Favourite song at the moment?

All I Have To Do Is Dream – The Everly Brothers

4) When did you first start drawing/ painting? 

As soon as I could make a mark, which is before I can remember. Drawing’s always been apart of my life. The enjoyment and proper understanding of painting came much later, when I was 17 (three years ago), which is when this all began.

5) What’s your guilty pleasure?

I’ve been told not to tell people that I’m completely infatuated with One Direction, our little secret, yeah? Other than that the usual: chocolate, shoes, Seinfeld..

6) (Finish this sentence) I couldn’t live without…..?

Water, food, shelter, my imagination and mark-making tools.

7) Favourite weekend activity?

Weekends and weekdays blend into each other for me, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm not introverted, but am definitely a homebody. When I'm not freelancing, or doing work for school (both of which are art and design based), I'm creating things and it's my everything. Of course I enjoy other things - cafe-exploring, gallery-hopping, market-going, being with my family and friends who are my ultimate treasures - but creativity is the most used muscle in my body. If it were an actual muscle I would be super huge and intimidating, I’m quite grateful it’s not.

8) Who are your fashion style icons?

I don’t really have an icon specifically. I know what I like when I like it, and am guided by comfort.

9) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Rocket (my boyfriend) and I are going to Japan in the Summer, we'll be there for New Years, I'm so excited about that. There's a city called Nara and it's over-run with deer. I am so pumped! I'm going to lie amongst them and hope they adopt me. I hear there's a fox village too, but if I find it I might just die.

10) Future life goals?

To never let the magic of being a child leave me - it's so important because it's such a hard thing to do with growing up and life experience. I think it's what makes my work special to people, giving them a portal to that feeling again. I want to always be filled with wonder, and the desire for exploration as well as surrounding myself with discovery and collaboration.

11) Any upcoming events/ projects you're involved in?

I just had my first solo show Wild Things at The Tate in Glebe, and am addicted! So when I get back from Japan (full of inspiration and Ramen) I want to organise another! Other than that, we'll have to see, it's going to be a cross roads in my life as I finish university in a few weeks, I have a lot of things that have been planned but not solidified, so you'll have to see! Or maybe I'm just keeping you on your toes!

12) Tell us about some of your favourite moments which have occurred during your career as an artist? (e.g. exhibitions, art school, people buying your works etc) 

I've been so blessed with many amazing experiences, challenges and opportunities, but the opening night for Wild Things was one of the most recent and best nights of my life. To have all the amazing support I’ve received online translate to the real world was something I was ecstatic and originally anxious about. I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful people behind the urls and usernames and to know that I had some people driving for hours and even flying in just to see my show was absolutely amazing! 

I was anxious that my work wouldn't be received as well off-screen. But all the feed back I got was that people had fallen even more in love, that they could see the hand of the artist, the pencil lines underneath, brushstrokes, the raw emotion - Things that I don't notice or think about myself because the work has always been in front of me. It was an eye-opening and perspective changing experience and one I will never forget.

13) Any advice to girls out there who draw/ paint who are interested in pursuing art ? 

Never stop, never forget where you came from (be humble - we all began somewhere), never say never (oops!), stay hungry, stay passionate and above all work hard. "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"



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