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Leave No Trace

Camping and hiking make my heart sing, but the tune gets cut off short when I notice someone abusing nature. Sure, leaving a napkin behind may not seem like a big deal (it’ll decompose, right?), but imagine if every hiker who came through an area left a napkin. The litter would be unbelievable. So before you set up camp or plan a hike, take a few minutes to school yourself on the Leave No Trace Seven Principles, a set of ethics meant to help us protect nature:


Plan Ahead and Prepare

Make sure you have all the gear and knowledge you need before you go. That includes a map, compass, and an understanding of weather and rules and regulations.


Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Avoid trampling on foliage whenever you can. Only camp in designated camping spots, and if you have to camp in the backcountry, make sure your tent is on gravel or dry grass. Never go off the trail. Ever!


Dispose of Waste Properly

You pack it in, you pack it out. That includes your bathroom business—Ziploc baggies can make this easier.


Leave What You Find

Shells, rocks, flowers. Don’t take anything away from its home, and don’t build anything (like a fire or trench).


Minimize Campfire Impacts

Campfires can leave a huge impact. Use a camp stove for cooking and a candle lantern whenever you can. Only use existing fire rings or mounds.


Respect Wildlife

Everyone wants the picture of the baby bear. Except the baby bear. Leave animals alone and protect them from themselves by storing your food properly.


Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Above being polite on the trail, there are some important etiquette rules. Step to the downhill side of the trail when horses and their riders come by, camp away from trails, and keep your voice down.


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