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Mike Kershnar - "A Room Full Of Mirrors"

While in residence at the Growlery, artist Michael Kershnar created a body of work inspired by San Francisco. Spatial influences include Golden Gate Park, Soma and Potrero Skate Parks, the Double Rock Thrasher Park, The Haight, Castro, Tenderloin, and Japantown. Totemic influences come from Skate Goat, the backyard hummingbirds, and the coyotes of Bernal Hill. Through paintings, illustrations, typography, scribing, and photography Kershnar shows us his mirror of San Francisco and presents the viewer with their own reflection integrated into his pieces.

Michael Kershnar is a lifelong artist and skateboarder with a deep interest in the natural world and global spirituality. Among his catalogue of commissioned works are illustrations for Toy Machine, Baker, Thrasher, Juxtapoz, and Element, as well as rock posters for Morrissey, The Beastie Boys, and The Grateful Dead. Kershnar shows his pieces around the globe.

IG: @huskyroundup