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Minneapolis, MN - MAKE IT COUNT 2013

We are proud to release the next video from the Element MAKE IT COUNT Contest Series from the Familia HQ in Minneapolis, MN. Battling the cold weather, kids came from far and wide to compete for an all expenses paid trip to the MAKE IT COUNT Finals at Element Skate Camp, and a trip to <a href=""> The Berrics</a> with the Element team. There was so much ripping that it was impossible to decide a single winner, two tricks went down the rail in the final seconds... Cody Millet's tre flip 50-50, and Dan Coe's backside tailslide bigspin flip took the cake, so they BOTH are going to the finals. Thank you to Steve Nesser, and everyone who came out to skate with us. We'll see you at the next stop! >>> Make It Count