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Perpetual Motion is available on DVD in your local shop and iTunes now. Pick up a copy, and prepare for a mind melting video featuring Julian Davidson, Silas Baxter-Neal, Jimmy Carlin, Walker Ryan, Josh Matthews, and Tom Remillard.


Julian has been filming and skating non-stop since the release of FUTURE NATURE The Element Am Video. And now, within less than a year, he's knocked out another video part for skateboarding's most elite video series; The Transworld Video. Between his die-hard work ethic and style for miles, Julian is proving to be one of skateboarding's brightest new stars. Now you can own your own copy of the video!

While you'r sleeping, Julian Davidson is filming. Late-night back-lip, filming for Perpetual Motion.

Head over to the transworld site to check out photos from the Long Beach Premiere >>>

Perpetual Motion, the 25th Transworld Video- NOW AVAILABLE!