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Hello fellow adventurers, wonderers and creative folk! Let us raise our cups and cheers in celebration to welcome Pine and Magnolia! What is Pine and Magnolia might you ask? Well, for starters they are two fabulous scents everyone should have in their homes but more importantly, Pine and Magnolia is a new blog created by two young, inspiring girls. Hannah Rich and Lauren Scotti have finally decided to let the world in on where they got those rockin pants! And how the heck they made this and that! And where they stayed when they went where?! I was so stoked to dive deeper with these two foxy lady's and gain a different perspective as I listened to them chat.

What made you girls finally decide to let us in on your creative life style?

L: We share so many common interests and likes so we thought, why not just start a blog showcasing that as well as our talents and strengths. 

H: We get asked occasionally how we made a craft in our homes, where we’ve traveled or stayed, how Lauren’s cooked something, or what inspired a certain style. We eventually decided it might be fun to share with others how accessible and enjoyable it can be to replicate any of those things. We created Pine & Magnolia to share our small adventures with readers with the hopes of inspiring others.

Where did you come up with the name for your blog, Pine and Magnolia?

H: We simply used our favorite smells haha!

What are some strengths and weaknesses that have made you two lovely ladies a good team?

L: While we both bring the same things to the table, Hannah has such a good eye for style and putting things together and I have an eye for the creative.

H: Lauren definitely has an incredible gift of photography! She has an amazing eye for beauty in places that most people miss. She contributes SO much to our blog through the shooting and editing of each photo; it wouldn’t be possible without her. As for me, I really enjoy writing, so I think I’m able to contribute here and there. Weaknesses…well let’s just say I can’t cook to save my life. Everyone tries to teach me, but it’s just an overall FAIL haha! Luckily, Lauren is a gangsta in the kitchen, so she’s got that covered!

Lauren, what's your favorite recipe that you have made?

L: Probably almond flour crusted chicken Parmesan with zucchini noodles… Heathy and delicious!
Also, how long have you been a freelance photographer and what made you pursue that?

L: I've been doing photography since I was young (I grew up in a photography family) but have had my own official business for about 3 years now. I like capturing people in love and creating beautiful images for them to cherish for the rest of their lives. Creating art and 
making people happy, such a win-win for me.

Hannah, I hear that you have picked up quite the hobby to maybe make up for your lack of kitchen talents, please enlighten us.

H: I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan, and have recently decided to start training to try out for a legit, competitive, quidditch team! I’m sure there will be some sort of HP-related post on our blog eventually. I’m thinking a DIY Harry Potter Christmas decor post for next winter.

What are some of your goals, expectations and inspirations for the perfect traveling adventure and what is your favorite place you have traveled to thus far?

L: Just to see other parts of the world and it's beauty. I think every one needs to travel once in their life to experience the rich culture and unique things other places have to offer. Switzerland is my favorite so far!

H: We’d like people to see that you can invent memorable moments with just a little bit of creativity and spontaneity. I look back at the times we stayed in new, unique, and exciting places and tossed the itinerary in the trash! Looking back, my favorite places we visited or ate at, weren’t found on Yelp, but recommended by sweet locals we met along the way. My favorite place we’ve traveled to so far is definitely Big Sur! We stayed in an old canvas tent at Treebones Eco Resort, which is completely off the grid. Check out my blog post for more info!

What recent adventures have you been on?

L: I just traveled to Switzerland (such an amazing place!) and England. It was such a breath of fresh air to experience what other parts of the world offer. Switzerland was so beautiful and the people are simple, I love that. And I saw the real Matterhorn!

H: I had the amazing opportunity in February to travel to Rwanda, Africa, with my work. The capital city of Kigali is so colorful and full of life! The rural areas are just as stunning, caked in rich, red, dirt. But the most beautiful part of Rwanda is its citizens. Rwandans are the most kind, gracious, courageous, and inspiring, people I’ve ever met. Their friendship and faith has impacted my life forever.

For most of us, a camping trip looks like sleeping bags, fire, beer, and a nylon tent. What does it look like through your eyes?

H: I love all the rough and tough aspects of camping; I’ll sleep in the dirt any day. But who says you have do it like everyone else? I like to think of fun things to bring that will spice up the space a bit. Whether it’s a colorful rug, a canvas Sibley tent, or vintage camping stools, there’s fun ways to set your campsite apart from the rest, while still being practical.

Apart from some rad souvenirs, what life lessons have you gathered from your explorations?

L: That there is beauty to be found and discovered in places you have never been. It kind of changes your perspective and how you live your life back at home.

H: Savor each moment! You can never take too many pictures! And never apologize for over packing!

Both of you are married to two fine young men, have any advice for those who have not walked the plank yet?

L: Be patient and don't settle just because someone likes you. Marriage is forever.

Favorite designer? blogger? Song/band?

H: My favorite designer is LA’s own, Stone Cold Fox. My favorite blogger has definitely got to be Wild at Heart’s Kelley Ash from; girlfriend has killer style. I also enjoy Jenny Parry’s blog Lastly, my favorite band is and will forever be The Rolling Stones! Rock on babes!

Thank you Hanna and Lauren for letting us pick your creative noggins! Give Hannah and Lauren a follow on there blog, and on Insta, pineandmagnolia 

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