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Random scraps for DIY holiday tricks!

This year, the season is filled with bragging rights to the best DIY tricks out there!! Here are some easy and fun craft ideas you can do with your friends and family. We loved doing these because we were able to use all of those random scraps and treasures we have had laying around for way to long.

You can start with going to one of your local craft stores and scouting out some of these cardboard cones that you see above. As for other supplies, we found hot glue works best for the application process and if you have any buttons, yarn or paper laying around you can use those for decorating your cones and turning them into cutesy little Christmas trees!
My favorite and not so tedious tree to make was the ones with the curly paper leaves that I simply glued around the cones. I did that by taking long strips of paper, cutting them almost all the way to the other end and then curling those strips with my scissors. I then just wrapped the those strips around the cardboard cones and put a little button on top to finish it off!

Due to lack of space here in the Cafe, we decided to make our own special little Christmas tree. We took some of our scrap wood and nailed it together in the shape of a Christmas tree. After that we covered it with paint and some old pictures and used decoupage to hold down the pictures and to give it a nice shiny finish. We then drilled some knobs and hooks randomly all over the tree so that we could string lights and some of our favorite ornaments on.  After all was said and done we added one of our favorite quotes on the tree that reads "The secret to the life of a tree is that it is rooted in something other than itself".

Get some friends and family together to try out some of these fun and unique crafts!