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Remember to Play Dirty

Dirt. Salt. Grime. When you play outside, you get absolutely, 100 percent covered in the stuff. About a year ago I tackled the steep ridgeline of Olomana Trail in Oahu, Hawaii and, typical for the island, it started pouring before I’d even reached the trailhead. The trail looked more like a river than an actual path, and climbing the steep sides of the first peak was like taking a mud bath. Pretty soon, the rain jacket came off. My white shirt turned brown. Water sloushed over the sides of my boots. I was completely caked in mud from head to foot (I think I even had mud in my mouth at one point). And it was awesome. My hiking partner and I drew mud lines under our eyes like football players and ran to the summit to throw our fists in the air like Rocky and yell at the top of our lungs. For some reason, mud made that hike absolutely exhilarating. 

When we play outside, most of us run home to wash off the dirt and lotion up again, but why? After all, our ancestors pretty much only bathed when they absolutely had to, and sometimes, not even then. And what’s so bad about a little grime once in a while? I say, next time you’re filthy, embrace it. Play dirty. It’s just way more fun.  

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