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Take a trip down memory lane in "Past To Present" starring the entire Element team. Written and Directed by Kirk Dianda, and narrated by Chad Muska, the team goes back in time to relive the fashion, music, and iconic moments of skateboarding's past. 

"The concept was to show skateboarding through snapshots of the times, creating a mini documentary. I took a satirical route with the concept and direction, loosely paying homage to the icons, fashion, and design that defined how we got here today. Ultimately, I wanted to commend skateboarders for their creativity and individuality. Since day one, we’ve been inventors that see the world differently, and that gene has been passed down from generation, to generation. The entire piece is strung together with a narrative by Chad Muska, told in the first-perosn perspecitve. I wanted to give that sense of the narrator telling the stories of his generation, almost like a Forrest Gump-esque walk down memory lane. It’s meant to be humorous, but has a sense of truth to it too." - Kirk Dianda

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