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SLAM DANCE – ART SHOW AND ‘Zine: Mike Kershnar

Element Advocate and artist  Mike Kershnar currently has an amazing art show running at the RVCA gallery in San Francisco, CA entitled “Slam Dance” running through February 4th.

The brief on the show reads:
Slam Dance culminates the last two years of his art practice in the city. The show aims to beautifully reflect the various active components of the universe that combine to create mystery in our lives. Influenced by ritualized shamanic art practices, graffiti, and the spiritual path, Slam Dance seeks to stimulate the creative spirit within people in the gallery space to ripple outward into the larger world. The Slam Dance is the distilled force that comes from synthesizing the ancient and the modern psyches and the urban and natural landscapes.

Check it out if you are in the area, otherwise take the tour with grand opening video, zine download and photos.