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Spring 2013 Boardshorts

Things are heating up, and we're launching a whole new line of boardshorts just in time for Summer. Check out our boardshorts in all sorts cuts, lengths, materials, and styles. We've got a little something for everyone. 

Keep Discovering

The Element team recently put our boardshorts to the test, doing what they do best; camping, skating, and swimming. Watch the "Keep Discovering" video here, as team takes a trip in their own backyard; California.

The Stony Creek boardshort is made from 100% recycled polyester; like water on a duck, you'll be dry in no time.

Skateboarding and boardshorts grew up together. They were born out of empty pools, and forever been friends. So wether your planning on swimming or skating a pool, or blasting off the lake launch at Element YMCA Skate Camp, Element trunks are essential for your summertime kit.

Heres the Keep Discovering California Tour video