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Congratulations Nyjah Huston on winning 1st place at this past weekend's Tampa Pro 2014! By the time his third run came around, it was pretty obvious to everyone in the audience that he'd won first place. After that, he took one more victory run just for the fans and the place went crazy. Hell yeah Nyjah. 

Evan Smith smashed it as well, with his high speed creative skating he was definitely a crowd favorite, and not only placed 11th over all, but also won himself the Fender guitars Fender's Finest award.

See you next time Tampa... Thanks for the great weekend! 

Photos courtosey of Josh Friedberg:

Evan goes off the wall during his semi-finals run.

Evan, half way through a back 360

Evan was charging all day. Smith grind.

Good vibes and high fives

Nyjah had these gap back noseblunts dialed

Front Blunt

In case you were wondering how Nyjah won 1st, here's a clip from his final run