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This is my Element

This is my Element

At the age of four, I got my first skateboard and I haven’t put it down since. My earliest memories are of a turbulent youth and spent being misunderstood. To escape the dysfunction, I submerged into street-culture, skateboarding, art and their underworlds. Ironically, the path that most people frowned upon and attempted to detour me from, is the very path that saved my life. In addition to these subcultures, I’ve drawn inspiration from the unbounded potential of imagination and skateboardings original creator…. Mother Nature. Through the fusion of these passions, I discovered my allegiance to the forest - from the streets.

My relationship with Element began in my early youth while soul searching and evolving as a person. Through trials and tribulations, I was determined to start a company with depth, inspire others and be a force for good. Street culture and skateboarding gave me purpose, so was my mission is to return the favor and pass it on.

Element has materialized from a dream to reality. A company I’ve been blessed to nurture since day one. Fortunately, The Tree has Endured the Elements and provided for many, including myself and my family. Together, we have experienced incredible adventures and blazed trails I could have only dreamt of. I am fascinated that I have as much ambition and enthusiasm today as I did when I was hustling with a striving start-up.

My belief is to live life the way we skate; progressive with attitude, purely and dangerously – with a natural sense of style and strong balance – and most importantly, lead, not follow…. and have fun! This philosophy runs deep through my veins and is my trail-map.

Over the years I’ve become known for talking about skateboarding’s past, present and future, often too much and too long - but being reminded of your roots keeps you upright and your vision clear. The cornerstone of every human is their story, the foundation of where you’ve been, and setting the course for where you’re going.

As I share, keep in mind I am far from perfect and a work in progress, always working.

Element for Life – Johnny Schillereff, Founder