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TONIGHT! Baby come back home…

Dear dear friend of Element, photographer and artist Amber B Dianda created one of her incredible stop motion videos for the song “Baby Come Back Home,” by Japanther!

The inspiration behind the song and animation was done in homage to Beau Velasco, a very special, compassionate, full of love and creative man, as well as beloved friend to Amber and Japanther.  Beau struggled with anxiety and depression, and three years ago, sadly, lost that fight. In honor of him, several of the over 2000 stop motion frames Amber B created for the music video will be sold to benefit a depression and anxiety charity.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, TONIGHT (April 25th) the “Come Back Home” music video will launch with Japantherat The Smell!

Regardless of whether or not you can make it tonight, you can still support the cause by purchasing the framesHERE!!

See the full video HERE

Read more about the event HERE