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Winter Count

The Elemental Awareness Foundation staff rolls out to Winter Count every year to spend a week in the Desert outside of Phoenix, AZ. Winter Count is one of the largest gathering of wilderness guides, outdoor enthusiasts and primitive living practitioners. Some come to the gathering to prep. for the Zombie Apocalypse while  others are there to learn the ancient ways of living. We spend the week learning new skills to take back with us to teach at skate camp through the Elemental Awareness Wilderness Program. Campers will learn shelter building, fire by friction, water purification and natural foraging for food. Check out the photos from our week out in Arizona and be sure to sign up for Element YMCA Skate Camp this summer.

The Desert landscape of Wintercount is inspiring in itself.

The smell of the desert after a rain is like no other

Cody Hager Climbs out of his tent once the desert rain ends.

Jared Hager

Element Advocate Mike Kershnar's candle bottles made for a nice campsite alter

Ramp building with materials in the desert means dirt and plywood.

Jared Hager tuck-knee

Andy Dicker Backside Flip

Cody Hager frontside Flip

Cody Hager Frontside flip

We all remember the first time on a skateboard

Desert Dog

Fox Hides at Mike Powell's "Abo-Mart"

Jared Hager Applies face paint for mask night