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Interview by Anton Savala, Photos by Zachary Mosher


Anton: How did you get on Element?

Evan: I was at a skate park when I was 16 and Mike Vallely was there and asked me to be on Element. I told him I wasn’t quite ready yet, so I waited three or four years then the board company I was on went out of business so I called up Element and asked if the offer still stood.


A: What was your first sponsor?

E: It was called Metro Skate park, I sent in a video and got turned down a bunch of times, but eventually got on the team.


A: What was the first thing that made you start skating?

E: Well, my uncle used to be a pro vert skater, so he used to rip the vert ramp. I was at Tampa Am contest that he was skating, the vert contest, and he hung up right in front of me and fell to flat and broke his collarbone… and I was like… oh my god. He got me a skateboard for Christmas and I was like… what do I do, (laughs) am I going to skate? I just watched him die. And it turns out I’m still skateboarding.


A: What skateboarders do you really look up to?

E: I look up to Ishod Wair, he’s really just got great skating and I am really influenced by him. And Grant Taylor as well, I really like the way he skates transition, unique and fast.


A: Who is your favorite person to skate with?

E: I like skating with Wes a lot, Wes Kremer, skating with him is really really fun.


A: What’s your favorite obstacle to skate here at Element YMCA skate camp?

E: I have yet to skate anything, but I will in a second, and I’m psyched to skate.


A: What does it feel like to be a new pro on Element?

E: It’s pretty cool because everyone is really welcoming, so that’s really neat, to be a part of the family. It’s like we are true homies, going on trips, feeling like I belong, you know, that’s what I’m really looking for - a place to call home.