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Words and Photos by: Jack Wian, Jackson Mayers, and Jack Saverin

I am fourteen, and the thought of turning pro seems surreal and far off in the distance to me and most other skaters my age. Tom Schaar is thirteen, and just 100 feet away from where I sit interviewing him, his pro model deck is being sold in the Element YMCA Skate Camp shop. After speaking with Tom and walking around with him, I realized that pro skateboarders are normal people too.

Campers: How long have you been skating?

Tom Schaar: I’ve been skating for nine years.


Campers: What is your favorite obstacle at camp?

TS: My favorite obstacle at this camp to skate is the Mega Mini.


Campers: What made you start skating?

TS: I started skating because my brother skated and I just kind of followed after him.


Campers: How was your life different before Future Nature was released?

TS: Um I wasn’t in any videos or anything, it was my first video and I only had a couple of tricks but it was still pretty cool.


Campers: What are your favorite things about skate camp?

TS: My favorite thing about Element YMCA skate camp is probably that it’s more like a camp… It’s not only about skateboarding but also lots of other cool stuff.


Campers: Who was your first sponsor and how did you get sponsored?

TS: My first sponsor was Half-Pint skateboards, they saw me at a contest, approached me and sponsored me.


Campers: Who is your favorite person to skate with?

TS: Probably Justin Valera, because I always see him at the Y park and skate with him.


Campers: What was your worst injury skateboarding?

TS: I broke my wrist… when I was Ten.


Campers: Do you feel like being pro makes it harder to relate to other kids?

TS: No not really, because I’m a kid too, and I just do normal things too.