Bam Margera

No doubt about it, Bam Margera is a huge part of Element's history.

Bam’s natural talent on a skateboard and hilarious on-screen antics thrust him into the spotlight at a young age, making him one of the most popular and fun-to-watch skateboarders in the world.

As his media career took off, millions of people around the world were exposed to skateboarding for the first time – with his larger-than-life personality inspiring an entire generation of kids to go skate.

Welcome back Bam.

Bam's Next Board Releases in  
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Coming 9/27
Coming 10/4
Coming 10/11
Coming 10/18
Coming 10/25
Coming 11/1
Coming 11/8

Bam Re-Issue Collection

In celebration of our 25 year anniversary, we’ve connected with former Element team rider Bam Margera, someone responsible for a huge part of Element's history, to re-issue 10 of his most memorable board graphics.

For the next 10 weeks, we will re-release one classic Bam board for sale on Wednesdays at 2pm PST each week – beginning 9/6/2017. Each board is limited to only 50 units and EVERY ONE is signed by Bam himself. Boards are limited to one per order and available for sale in the US only. Good luck!