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Flat Bars and Round Rails

Skateboard Rails from Element

Join a massive community of skateboarders across the world who have a lot of fun on their flat bar. Set the Element flat bar up in seconds and you're good to go.

Solid, Stable, Rugged

Pro Rider Tips & Tricks

12,000 Youtube Videos

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"Just picked up an Element Flat Bar today so i'm stoked. Really nice rail and I definitely recommend it to everyone."

ROCSkates, via Youtube

"Amazing rail! It's so easy to lock into 50-50's, 5-0's, etc"

JiggedyJam SB, via Youtube

Solid, Stable, Rugged

We know flat bars take a beating so we made the Element flat bar really tough

No Wobble! This flat bar sticks on flat ground and doesn't wobble and the feet are placed in such a way that it doesn't mess up your run up!

Pro Rider Tips & Tricks

Get regular tricks and tips from the Element Pros, AMs and maybe some special guest appearances

Make the most of your Element flat bar by following #elementflatbar on Instagram

12,000 Youtube Videos

Nothing beats a bit of friendly competition!

Join thousands of people on Youtube and Instagram and upload your videos on your Element flat bar. Be sure to keep an eye for the video entry contests that we'll be running!








It's a Quality Flat Bar

You'll often find us out in the Element parking lot with this Flat Bar - You can be assured that this flat bar is thouroughly tested by out skateboard team and staff to ensure it's quality and usability.

If You're Starting Out

Skateboarding is a dangerous sport and could result in serious injury or even death. Skate within your abililty, and always wear a helmet and safety gear. Follow traffic and pedestrian safety rules. Use at your own risk.

Lost Pin? No Problem!

It happens, things get lost.

If you lose the height adjustment pin for your Element Skateboard Rail or Flat Bar - don't worry! You can use a 3/8" bolt and nut which you can pick up in your local DIY store.

And there's free delivery

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