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Blazed Coach Jacket



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"Gear up for the World Cup with this special edition jacket. Part of the Blazed United Collection, this special edition coach jacket features a mesh lining and plastisol prints at the chest and back. A With the world cup launching in conjunction with this drop, and inspired by our team’s habitual warming up with soccer kick abouts on their skate tours, you better be sure you support the right team. Come on Blazed United! "

Sizing Grid

S 35"- 38"
M 37"- 42"
L 41"- 46"
XL 45"- 47"
XXL 48"- 52"

Product Features

    • Element Blazed Coach Jacket

      About the Collection: Blazed FC Sponsored By Northern Lights Air. A ball, a round one… This simple object is the greatest breaker of global communication barriers. You could literally go anywhere in the world, place a ball on the floor, kick it and you are guaranteed to break down any communication barriers… game on.

      • Lightweight polyester coach jacket
      • Raglan sleeves
      • Front chest and back plastisol print
      • Mesh lining
      • 100% Polyester

      Washing Instructions:

      Machine Wash unless otherwise stated - please follow washing instructions.

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