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Let It Flow is a non-profit organization founded by Nyjah and Kelle Huston. Inspired by their own experience of living without clean, running water, they have now completed 71 projects to date, assisting over 35,000 people that were living without access to clean water. To spread awareness of this widespread problem, we're beyond excited to team up with Let It Flow and bring you the Nyjah Water deck!

Sizing Grid

Width 8"
Length 31.75"
Wheelbase 14.25"
Nose 7"
Tail 6.375"

Product Features

    • Element Nyjah Huston Water Skateboard Deck

      • Nyjah Huston signature skate deck
      • 8" wide
      • 31.75" length
      • In association with Nyjah's nonprofit Let It Flow
      • Does not come with griptape

      Element Featherlight construction

      • Premium 7-ply maple construction
      • Thinner, stronger veneers creating lightness without compromising strength
      • Performance concave adding extra flick

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